Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea

The Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea are bought directly from the fishing boats, only selecting the freshest and optimum-sized anchovies. These are salted and packed in traditional cans and cured for at least 20 months. The anchovy fillets are prepared by hand and traditionally. Preparing a good anchovy requires three major factors: a long maturing period under a controlled temperature, the salted anchovies must be properly washed in order to achieve the right saltiness and finally slicing them “conscientiously” so as to cut and get rid of all the bones.

Longfinned Tuna

The Lonfinned Tuna comes from the coast of the Bay of Biscay during the summer months. They are caught using traditional fishing methods by boats that respect marine reserves through sustainable fishing management. After carefully selecting the freshest Tuna, cutting and selecting the belly, the fillets are boiled and cleaned to get rid of the outer skin by expert hands who for generations have worked preparing these canned products. Once the fillets are clean, they are sliced “by knife” and packed in olive oil.

Marinated Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea

The Marinated Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea are bought directly from the fishing boats, selecting the freshest and best-sized pieces. The anchovies are cleaned by hand with all the care with which we prepare our products at home, leaving the anchovies perfectly clean without the head, backbone and innards. The anchovies are marinated using a special secret combination of wine vinegars and are finally packed along with the best olive oil from the south of Spain.

Other gourmet products

Yurrita Group has other gourmet products that we prepare in our kitchen: Basque cuisine dishes (squid in onions or Pelayo), cakes (scorpionfish, tuna or crab), a line of mousses (prawn, marinated anchovy, tuna or anchovy mousses) and other specialities (white tuna, sardines, mussels or cockles). els or cockles).

Handmade croquettes

Yurrita Group presents a broad selection of classic croquettes. From the most classic flavours to the most innovative flavours: Iberian ham, cod, sirloin, king prawns, black pudding, Casar cheese and smoked salmon. The Lorea croquettes are made with fresh milk with which we prepare a smooth and fine béchamel. They are handmade and prepared in our kitchen with great care.